Total Engineering Services has collaborated on a diverse range of engineering projects throughout the state of Texas. Our engineers have a combined depth of experience and design expertise that allows us to provide our clients with industry leading structural engineering, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, civil engineering, and plumbing services. We ensure our engineers have the resources and tools necessary to deliver these quality services while providing creative, cost-effective, and fully functional solutions for your projects.


Architectural Services

At Total Engineering, our highly trained and experienced team of architects create spaces that enhance human connectivity and productivity as a whole. When we partner with you, our mission is to bring innovative solutions that enable us to overcome challenges on architectural projects of all complexities. With Total Engineering by your side, you’ll experience what it’s like to have the sharpest minds in the business working every day to meet and exceed your expectations.

We believe that great architectural design is an asset to people of all walks of life. While our duty is to address the specific needs and aspirations of our clients, we also recognize the need to create designs that will inspire those around it and leave a legacy that will last for generations. Our architectural engineering team develops solutions for distinct buildings of peerless quality and value.


MEP Services


Total Engineering Services specializes in creating mechanical product designs. Our engineers focus on the specific intent for each product during every design, employing virtual prototypes and animations to better predict potential design flaws in the early development phase. This allows us to save resources and create more cost-effective solutions for our clients in the long run.

The mechanical designs and engineering solutions we provide are available at any stage of the development process in order to ensure our clients always receive optimized designs. Our expert mechanical engineering staff makes Total Engineering Services your go-to choice for mechanical design in the state of Texas.



We know that every business needs power. Whether it’s your manufacturing plant or your home office, you need an efficient and intuitive electrical control system. That’s why Total Engineering Services staffs a team of electrical engineers capable of performing cost-effective installation and maintenance services to address any issues you may have with your electrical and power system.

The talented electrical engineering team at Total Engineering has years of experience designing and implementing high quality electrical systems and controllers for businesses in a myriad of industries. We’ll work closely with you to ensure a fully integrated system that is capable of handling the electrical needs of virtually any facility.



At Total Engineering Services, our plumbing engineering responsibilities overlap many areas of civil and mechanical engineering. Our plumbing design and engineering team can perform calculations, size the equipment, and prepare plumbing design and construction specifications that are appropriate and efficient for any structure or environment.

If you need superior plumbing engineering services for your building’s facilities, you can depend on Total Engineering to successfully handle your project from concept to completion.


Structural Services


Our structural engineering team brings their diverse backgrounds and perspectives together to collaborate on projects of all shapes and sizes.

We recognize that designing structures that are safe, sustainable, and aesthetically pleasing requires a high degree of structural engineering expertise. The team at Total Engineering Services offers an in-depth understanding of structural engineering for designing a wide array of projects, from schools and government buildings to high-volume bridges and other community resources.

By utilizing building information model (BIM) software to fully integrate our structural designs with architectural and mechanical systems, we are able to streamline designs and begin production planning.


Civil Services


High quality civil engineering is a critical element for ensuring the safety and stability of your structures and facilities. At Total Engineering Services, we have the knowledge and expertise needed to provide industry leading civil engineering services for our clients throughout the state of Texas.

Our broad range of experience means we can plan and design transportation, water, and sewer systems, as well as wastewater and drainage projects. Our civil engineering team also provides support services for community planning, utility infrastructure, grading and drainage, as well as surveying and mapping. Our years of experience in the civil engineering field allow us to effectively help our clients complete any project from start to finish.